Market Research Questionnaire
It would be of great assistance to me if you could please take the time to complete this questionnaire. You do not need to give your name! Please be as honest as you can. No-one will know who you are - not even me! Thank you for your time. Sheryl :-)

* indicates required fields 
  *Have you ever used a home cleaning service before?:  Yes
  If no, why not?:
  *If yes, please rate previous "Customer Service"?:
  *If yes, please rate previous "booking of service"?:
  *If yes, please rate previous "Price of service"?:
  *If yes, please rate previous "Quality of service"?:
  *How often would you use a cleaner?:
  *How much would you expect to pay for a cleaner?:
  *Where would you look to find this service?:  Telephone books/directory assistance
 Internet search eg. Google
 Referral from a friend/family member
 Flyers/Mail outs
 Community/School Noticeboards
 Local Newspaper
 Listing in Association Directory (eg. Vegetarian Network)
 Health Food stores/Naturopath or other specialty service
  *What added service would you want from a cleaner?:  Oven cleaning
 Window Cleaning
 Discounts for referrals
 Discounts for regular cleans
 Discounts for Pensioners
 An extensive "maid service"
 News and updates on products
 News and updates on services
 News and updates on environmental issues
  If "other", what kind of service?:
  Are you male/female?:  Male
 I prefer not to say
  What is your living arrangements?:  I live alone
 I live with my partner
 I live with my partner & children
 I live with my child/children
 I live with my parents
 I live with friends/flat mates
 I live with my pet
 I prefer not to say
  Do you have any children?:  Yes
 I prefer not to say
  Do you have any pets?:  Yes
 I prefer not to say
  *What hours would suit you if hiring a cleaner?:  Weekdays during the day
 Weekdays during the evening
 Weekends during the day
 Weekends during the evening
  *Would you prefer enviro-friendly over chemicals?:  Yes, absolutely!
 Yes, but only if cheaper than other regular chemicals
 No. Not at all
  If chemicals, why?:
  *If hiring an enviro-friendly cleaner, why?:  Impact of harsh chemicals on environment
 Less water used than other cleaning methods
 Health benefits for myself and my family
 Health benefits for my pets
 I'm Vegetarian/I'm Vegan
 Cost of service
 Cost of products
 Choice of products (eg. Natural; plant-based; or microfibre products)
  If "other" to above, any other reason?:
  What suburb do you live in?:
  Please add any other comments you have here:
  *Would you like any further information?:  Yes, please
 No, thank you
  If yes, please add your email address:
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