Our number one priority is to only use products that are safe for your home; safe for you, your family & your pets; and safe for our environment.   Whenever possible, we do try to purchase Australian-owned and Australian-made environmentally‑friendly products.   Unfortunately, this cannot always be the case.   Even though the majority of the products that we use are currently all Australian-owned, not all of them are Australian-made.

We use general household white vinegar & water solutions for removing grease from benchtops and splashbacks.   We also use a solution of tea-tree oil & water which is great for cleaning floorboards and other wooden surfaces.

Please be assured that we only use products that we truly believe are best.  Our professional and personal integrity wouldn't allow us to recommend any product that we did not believe in 100%.  We use all of the products listed below in our own homes and we refuse to use any product that we wouldn't let on our skin, inhale, ingest or consume - not that we'd be likely to drink any of them no matter how great they smell!






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