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This page is dedicated to my niece, Amy, and to all the children of the world for their ingenuousness and innocence… Never a day goes by when I am not astounded and amused with the words that come out of Amy's mouth nor the talent in her drawings and the innocence reflected in her words and pictures.

Blessed are the babes.







"A Happy Environment" by Amy (age 5)

Amy's view on what "A Happy Environment" is... and I couldn't have drawn it better or described it better myself.  The children in the picture are Amy and her little brother (my nephew) Brad.

(Unfortunately, the giant bird is not personally known to me.)









AmyAuntieShez"My Auntie Shez" by Amy (age 5)

This picture - as Amy so beautifully put it - " of you, Auntie Shez - and you're happy 'cause it's going to rain.  The red and blue bit in the middle is your heart that grows bigger and bigger with all the love that you have for me and my brother and cousins..."

(It is possible for your heart to grow bigger and bigger yet melt at the same time... wow.)









"Amy, Brad and The Rainbow) by Amy (age 5)

"This is me and Brad and we're smiling under The Rainbow where Poppa George is... I remember you told me that Poppa George lives in the rainbows and when ever I see one I smile..."

(Needless to say, my eyes welled up over that one.)









A conversation between Amy and Auntie Shez outside in my court-yard:

"Auntie Shez, what are you doing?"

"I'm cleaning the table."


"Do you know what I'm cleaning it with, Goosie?", I said, as I held up a clear spray bottle (which contained White Vinegar).

"Nup.. what is it?" she asked.

"Put it this way, Goosie.  It cleans the table; it keeps the environment happy AND you can also eat it!  You even put it on your hot chips!"  (I'm forever promoting natural cleaning products - even to a five year old!)

Amy stared at me with a shocked look on her face - a mixture of innocence, confusion and disgust - and said, "what???? You're cleaning the table with Gravy?!!!"

I erupted with laughter.


"Happy Min in Bed" by Min (age 36)

My friend Min was feeling a bit left out because I had given Amy her own web-page so she drew a picture to say thank you for having her come visit us and staying the night (that's her environmentally-friendly car out the front of my environmentally-friendly house!)

(I hope that knowing that she is special enough to be included on this page makes her smile!






If anyone has any amusing comments from the mouth of a child or a picture drawn by a child that is relevant to the environment please feel free to send us a note via our Contact Us form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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