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EnviroSmile Domestic Cleaning Services ("EnviroSmile") is a Melbourne-based business in Frankston/Langwarrin providing environmentally-friendly and environmentally-responsible, Vegan friendly cleaning services.

We have an intense desire to take care of the planet we live in and to provide you with the best possible cleaning services that we can.  We thought - why not do both?  Be clean! Be green!

We not only provide a cleaning service to our clients - but we also work together with them - to each do our bit to make this beautiful planet of ours a cleaner, greener, more healthy place to live.

When you think about it - would you pour dangerous chemicals over your pets? Would you force your child to drink hazardous pollutants?  These may sound like very silly questions - but the fact remains, every day of our lives we are poisoning those we love.  It may sound harsh and rather extreme but that is exactly what we are doing.  It may not be a conscious decision and it may not be as obvious as that but it all comes down to the same thing - we all have a choice that we can make… to use hazardous chemicals or not.

Going chemical-free isn't New Age "twaddle".  It's good old fashioned plant-based products that come from Mother Nature.  I'm sure we all can remember our grandparents or great-grandparents cleaning without the Splash N' Dash chemicals that are so readily available on the supermarket shelves and advertised seemingly everywhere in print and on screen.  They used natural products like Vinegar and Bi-Carb of Soda together with a whole lot (and I mean a whole lot!) of good ole fashioned "elbow grease"!  And before these Splash N' Dash products were our grandparents or great-grandparents living in a home of grime, slime, poison and pollution?  No.

We both gave up our careers in the corporate sector to take on this task.  And, it is very hard work indeed!  We absolutely believe in what we are doing.  Why would anyone really give up a cushy job with all the perks for sticking their head in a stranger's toilet and to clean the grout between the shower tiles with a toothbrush (yes, a toothbrush J!)?  We did just that because we live by EnviroSmile.  We are committed to providing the best possible service to our clients that we can; and we are committed to helping save our planet.  Besides that we love what we do.  There are not many people in this world that get out of bed in the morning and start their day's work with pride.  And we are proud of what we do - not only professionally-speaking for the services we provide - but also personally.  We get to live our passion; we get to provide a much needed service; we get to make a positive contribution to our planet; and we get paid for it!

We at EnviroSmile live by our name and really do want to help you make a positive change and to help you help our Planet.  It isn't just about getting the grease off the splash-backs or removing the water-ring from around the bath!  EnviroSmile doesn't provide you with just a cleaning service.

For our regular clients, we will take the time to evaluate your home as we clean and after a period of time provide you with other alternatives to what you currently may be doing.  These do not have to be extreme changes to what you are doing now, but just baby steps to making a safer, cleaner home, for your children and your family.  Our home isn't just the house we live in; it's our community; it's our country; it's our planet and all living within.  There are many small things each of us can do to really make a difference.  You just have to want to do it.  That's all.

We find that when our clients are made aware of small changes they can make, they are happy to take them on because they either just simply weren't aware that alternative products exist and/or didn’t have the time to seek out alternatives.

In saying this, we do not force anything on to our clients to take on these safer and cleaner alternatives - we just provide them with what we know and offer them a choice. These alternatives may only be small changes in your routine or the products that you purchase that not only help our home, but may also save you money! 

Because we are passionate about the environment and the services that we provide we do have our policies that we must strongly adhere to.  If we feel our clients are blatantly disregarding our "home" by doing things such a having three showers a day, ignoring the opportunity to recycle, or throwing bleach down their toilet daily because they like the clean smell(!!) then we will simply cease our services with them.  If you are just looking for someone to clean your home and "douse the house" with bleach etc, then we are not for you.  Plain.  Simple.  Honest.

And we are being as honest as we can be.  We wouldn't want it any other way! J  If you truly want to make a difference to the world that we live in; if you truly want to make a positive difference to the health and well-being of your family and your pets, then make the choice to go chemical-free; make the choice and choose EnviroSmile… and help us to help you to help preserve the health of our Environment.  Help us to save OUR planet one home at a time.


Sheryl M. Adkins

Domestic Environmentalist

Enviro Smile Domestic Cleaning Services

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"Saving OUR planet one home at a time"


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