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Hey there all, I am trying to find the time (between saving the planet!) to add a little bit to my website that is just "about me"...

I don't know where to start - except that I am a very spiritual person and I am a Vegetarian.  Oh, yeah, I am also a big fan of country music (which, actually, may work against me - but it's the Country Girl in me at heart that can't seem to resist!).

And that means, in a nutshell, I am a great lover of what I do for a living - and a very keen, positive (I think) contributor - to the wonderful world we live in.  I believe in being good to others - not because you have to but because you can.  If you can do something good for another human being or living thing and make any sort of positive contribution to the world we live in - then do it.  To be able to give something back to the world is a gift... the gift isn't what is being received... the gift is in the giving.

I also write poetry and have been working on two novels... I'll finish them if I ever find the time!

In love, and in the beautiful light that is life,










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